Monday, January 18, 2010

Bird Alert! Bird Alert!

The latest and greatest DIY project that is making the rounds in the event/wedding/craft blog world is an adorable twist on the as-seen-everywhere bird-themed decor. The fabulous Laurie Cinotto of La La Laurie (who, I just discovered, is originally from Iowa!) created these adorable scrapbook paper birdcages for The Bride's Cafe.

So many opportunities to use these! I am considering using them for some Valentine's decor. I wonder if the cardstock "bars" would hold up if you made a slightly larger cage? I'm thinking room for lovebirds inside...

In case these cuties haven't popped up on your Google reader yet, instructions are here.

Added bonus! Ice cream pint lids are recommended for the bottom of the bird cages. Bring on the cookies 'n cream!!

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