Saturday, February 6, 2010

Awards Season

It's that time of year! The Golden Globes, Grammys, the Academy Awards and the like are happening. The production of the award ceremonies are grand enough but how about the fabulous after-parties that go along with them? These past Golden Globe parties are shining examples of fabulousness:

InStyle's 2009 bash created by (the!) Tom Ford. Photo credits

HBO's party this year. Ummm, custom sculptures to fit your theme? Yes, please! Photo credit

Classic Hollywood glamour at NBC Universal's 2009 party. Photo credit

HBO's 2009 party. Think about the person who had to anchor the "floating" tables in the pool; and then swim around and light all the candles. Photo credit.

The use of lighting, the color saturation and the custom decor pieces make these parties a visual experience. Can you imagine having the budgets and resources that go along with creating these visions? Coming up next, I'll show you my version of an awards ceremony!

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