Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patricks's Day!

My thoroughly unresearched and unconfirmed theory is that most St. Patrick's Day celebrations take place outside the home. There is nothing wrong with a St. Pat's party, but I think people generally people head to their favorite pub to truly indulge in the festivities.
So, what do you need to take your party on the on the road*?

First and foremost - green attire like this tshirt from the greatest store in the world sorry, universe; Raygun:

Then, to really show your Irish spirit, add in some shamrock bling:

images via Target.com
Don't forget bring some along for your friends (in case they didn't prepare like you):


Or skip all that and go for the pot o'gold:

And, above all, in case you happen upon a bar that isn't serving green beer; be sure to bring this:

*Please celebrate responsibly! Make sure you have a designated driver or the number to a cab if you need transportation.

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