Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Case of an Event Emergency...

I am a personal attendant in my good friend's wedding this weekend. And well, I just won't feel right if I'm not prepared to help her. She has a wedding coordinator who I'm sure is fabulous and has everything Krystal will possibly need but when I saw this adorable drawstring bag at Von Maur, I had to buy it and get it stocked!

I put an emergency kit together for my own wedding. Most of it didn't get used but it was good to know it was there. Bonus - the leftovers are now in my guest room for visitors to use! Here is what I'm bringing along this weekend (mostly in travel sizes):

Shout wipes/Tide stick
Safety pins
Band aids (more for uncomfortable shoes than actual injury)
Bobby pins
Ponytail holders
Lint roller
Cough drops
Small brush/comb
Spray deodorant (I could NOT find this in travel size anywhere!)
Blotting papers
Contact solution
Ziploc baggies
2 Power bars
Hand lotion
Hand sanitizer

There are some other responsibilities and problems that come with the territory in my job as a corporate event planner. I carry a tool box that has some of the items above and try to put the rest in bathroom baskets for the attendees. My tool box stocks:

Various battery sizes
Zip ties (I LOVE zip ties)
Measuring tape
Bungee cords
Trash bags
At least one extension cord
A long lighter (I've had a caterer forget to bring one to light the sternos)Scotch tape
Packaging tape
Ribbon or string
Tylenol or acetaminophen (pregnant women are advised not to use ibuprofen)

I think that, by nature, event planners are horrified with themselves when a need arises and they are caught empty-handed. Although it's probably next to impossible to be prepared for any
situation, the basics will probably get you through most pinches. What else would you stock in your bride bag or tool box?

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