Monday, June 7, 2010

My Wedding Day!

After all the planning and crafting and schedule-writing (and re-writing), it all came down to one thing - the day that I married my wonderful husband. But I won't get too mushy on you all - you're just here for the wedding porn, right?!
A couple other things that I did not have the skills to DIY were the cake and the flowers. I had to put these into the hands of vendors and could not have been happier with the results!

 All photos by the amazing Mark Kegans

Our cake by Donna Flewelling.
P.S. - notice the candles on the table. I forgot to mention that I either spraypainted or decorated (with ribbons and crystals) 148 votives. 

 Bouquets from Sunnybrook Flower Shop

Despite all my work, the best looking part of the celebration was our wedding party. Check out these hotties!

Of course, we couldn't stay serious for long...
All formal pics were actually taken AFTER the ceremony. My husband-to-be didn't want to see each other before I walked down the aisle! As an event planner, this was hard for me to agree too (totally threw a wrench into my schedule!) but I was glad I did!

After the ceremony, guests headed to cocktail hour in the Orpheum foyer while we took our formal pics (and a few fun ones too!).
 Cocktail table decor

 A great shot of one of the chandeliers in the foyer.

Once we made our entrance into the reception, we cut the cake before we invited our guests to the stage for dinner. This may seem a little backwards but it was nice to go directly to the cake right after being announced because everyone was paying attention!

I know I said I wouldn't get mushy but Kurt and I snuck away with our wonderful photographer for a few shots that I have to share.

The Orpheum staff customized the marquee for me. Well, they do it for all their receptions. What a great touch!

My favorite picture of the day. 

We returned to the reception to celebrate our love and brand new marriage with our friends and family. We dance the night away in the beautiful foyer of the Orpheum and then, started our married life together!!


  1. Well I only teared up 3 times during this post:) It was such a magical can still "feel the love" just looking at the pictures and this only make it harder for me to believe you don't own your own wedding planning business!

  2. The wedding looks lovely and great to see that you were so involved with the decorations. I’m getting married in a few days but I’m so indecisive about things that I left all the planning to my would-be husband and parents. The only thing I picked myself was the wedding venues, my family handled the rest.